Team Oily Life is comprised of passionate, driven, generous, open-minded problem solvers, listeners and visionaries, who bring unique backgrounds, talents, and gifts to the community.

We share, collaborate, and demonstrate mutual respect for each other and for team YL. We empower each other with resources, tools, inspiration, modeling, releasing blockers around money, sales and network marketing

We believe in our infinite potential and go boldly with massive and decisive action. We coach our fellow team members by meeting people where they are, hearing concerns, providing insight and diverse perspectives and tough love around releasing excuses and blockers and unproductive patterns of thought and behavior.

Our businesses are catalysts for deep and meaningful change, to support causes and families and enterprises that we believe in. We rise by lifting others… out of poverty, debt, poor health, unhealthy relationships, financial dependence, unfulfilling work and into happy, healthy, fulfilling productive lives.

Our goal is to bring Young Living to every home in the world, and to better the lives of MILLIONS of people through the vast channels of wellness, purpose and abundance… and we have a LOT of fun doing it.