In 2014, Christina was looking for some sleep support and stumbled across a new interest of an acquaintance from a Moms’ group on Facebook.  Young Living Essential Oils.

Hmmm… smell-goods?

And they make you feel good too?

And they work for stress?!

And for cleaning?!


After a few weeks of looking into Young Living and figuring how to make the starter kit work on a very tight budget, a new way of living emerged in the Rothstein household.  Christina was taking a year off from teaching to stay home with Grace (six months old) while Ethan, finished grad school… so Christina was super eager to learn more about the oils so she made it a habit to read about 2-3 oils from her reference guide each night before bed. 

About a month after getting started, the Oily Life group was created as a means to introduce some close friends and family to the oils.  Things took off from there. Putting together introductory classes, sharing about the products, answering questions… the passion and purpose around truly plant-based living sparked a fire that continues to grow today. 

After reaching the rank of Silver, Christina re-evaluated her priorities and the possibilities had expanded beyond the classroom teaching position she figured she would re-enter.  Instead of going back full-time, Christina and Ethan decided to continue to grow the Young Living business and she worked part-time in conjunction with enrolling, educating and helping others make powerful and lasting changes in their lives!  They decided to give it four years, and then re-evaluate. Having never considered network marketing or entrepreneurship, this was uncharted territory that required some new ways of thinking, working, collaborating, communicating and dreaming (big). 

Four years to the month of her very first enrollment, Christina and team Oily Life reached the rank of Diamond with over four thousand families across the US and beyond experiencing daily benefits from these incredible bottles of plant juice!