The Starter Kit makes it easy.

You can see on the website and in the product guide you get with your kit, there is a LOT to explore with Young Living.

To make things really simple for people, they came up with the starter kit.

It’s 12 of the most versatile and popular oils and a diffuser.

The Premium Starter Kit gets you all of your basics and from there, you just use the website to order what you want, when you want it. 

There is an optional monthly rewards program too which is fantastic.

When you get your kit, you will access books and resources on how to use everything, and some step-by-step guidelines for getting started. I have a great community of oilers in our Facebook group too — it’s an awesome place to get ideas and ask questions.

The Premium Starter kit with OILS is 

+ 12 oils 

+ Diffuser 

+ 2 Thieves Products 

+ 2 Ningxia Packets 

+ Other Goodies 


<< The Oils >>

🌿Lemon: Bright, fresh goodness

🌿Lavender: The Swiss Army knife in your oil cabinet

🌿Peppermint: Crisp, cooling, great for tummy

🌿Valor: Encourages courage and bravery

🌿Raven: Happy lungs and sinuses

🌿Thieves: Health-keeper since the 15th century

🌿Citrus Fresh: Happiest air freshener on the block

🌿PanAway: Soothing tingles for all of your pan.

🌿Frankincense: Good for Baby Jesus, good for you.

🌿DiGize: All tummy support and digestive health

🌿Peace + Calming: best sleep ever + chill kiddos

🌿Stress Away: vacation in a bottle

<< A Diffuser >> 

Diffusing is such an amazing way to customize your environment or freshen any space!  You can pick which diffuser you want to come with your kit. 

Dewdrop, Desert Mist, Rainstone or Aria.


<< Extras >>

🎉Two roller fitments (Pop it on your Stress Away + Valor + roll it on where ever you are!)

🎉Thieves Spray (Clean all the things. Literally. Safe + effective!)

🎉Thieves Hand Purifier (Keep in it your bag, backpack, car – anywhere you need a quick clean!)

🎉Ningxia Red Samples (An antioxidant filled whole wolfberry + essential oil puree. Pop these in the fridge and drink up each morning or afternoon!)

🎉 a free membership – 24% off any future purchases. SCORE.

Choose member — pick your kit — opt in or out of the rewards program — and check out!