Let’s talk about keeping up healthy energy levels and increasing stamina for everyday life. From work to the gym to general adulting to play to rest… ***the men in our lives wear many hats ***and definitely will feel the amazing benefits of these energy supporting supplements and oils!


NingXia NITRO is a great support for both body and mind. Use NingXia Nitro for running, weightlifting, or getting through your afternoon slump. The naturally occurring caffeine in Young Living’s NingXia Nitro supports normal energy levels and alertness naturally with Vitamin B, essential oils, botanical extracts, D-ribose, Korean ginseng, and green tea extract, to help you with a busy day or a tough workout. Take a shot of Nitro when your early-morning routine demands alertness and a quick start to the day—especially after a restless night’s sleep! Keep Nitro on hand to help you stay your sharpest throughout the workday. A must have for travel and jet-lag! Energize during all-day outdoor adventures. You can store Nitro on the boat, in your day pack, or in your ski jacket. Long-distance runners swear by Nitro on the road. Hikers squirt a pouch into their mouths for extra stamina.


PowerGize helps to sustain energy, boost stamina, increase strength and enhance physical performance. It’s herbal and essential oil ingredients make it great for both men and women, but it has some additional benefits for men in its ingredients supporting prostate health. has specific benefits for increasing both energy and stamina, but it also has other benefits for men.


B Vitamins are essential to your health and well-being. Each B Vitamin performs a unique and separate function in the body. Unfortunately, they must be replenished daily, as they are not stored in the body. B vitamins are important especially during times of stress when our reserves get depleted . This supplement includes B1, B2, B3, B6, B7, B9, Folate (NOT folic acid – the synthetic version of folate!), B12 (super important for vegetarians), biotin, B5, magnesium, zinc, selenium (super important trace mineral that attacks destructive cells in the body and, thus, supports the immune system), and PABA (para amino benzocaine acid). It is also infused with Nutmeg essential oil. Between the bioavailable chelated minerals, the B vitamins and nutmeg…. Watch your energy levels are going through the roof!! Remember that B vitamins need to be replenished daily! So I always keep Super B on hand!! Warning… your urine is much brighter yellow when you’re taking Super B – totally normal!


Bright, crisp and sweet…this oil is the perfect pick-me-up for any time of day! It is a DRIVER so it can make any oil you pair it with go farther, and for those dudes out there who run HOT… this oil will be your BFF on the hot summer days (or if you’re a stress sweat-er, anytime!!). I love a drop on my temples or behind my neck… you may wish to dilute it as you start (it’s super tingly and can be hot/cool on the skin).


An invigorating blend of Rosemary, lemongrass, juniper, nutmeg, balsam fir, black pepper & clove. This blend is fantastic for a quick and effective boost right when you need it!
It contains a stimulating combo of single oils that traditionally have been used to restore mental alertness (see individual oils listed below). TIP: Apply EN-R-GEE on the feet and Awaken or Clarity on the temples for intensified effect.

En-R-Gee Ingredients:

💥Rosemary helps overcome mental fatigue and stimulates memory.
💥Juniper detoxes, cleanses and helps support nerve and kidney function.
💥Lemongrass supports healthy circulation and lymph flow.
💥Nutmeg supports the adrenal glands for increased energy.
💥 Idaho Balsam Fir is stimulating to the mind yet calming to the body. It also supports feelings of empowerment and motivation!
💥Clove stimulates the mind and is a super antioxidant!
💥 Black pepper stimulates the endocrine system and helps increase overall energy in the body!

Oily dudes… are you using any of these yet?!