We all know that Vitamin C is a cornerstone of immune function! Our bodies cannot manufacture vitamin C, therefore we must supply it with citrus fruits and vitamin C supplements. Stress, alcohol, use of certain medications may lower our levels of vitamin C. Do you currently take a Vitamin C supplement?
This is one really easy and awesome swap to make in your Essential Rewards order when it comes back into stock!

Super C

What makes Super C so awesome? Two tablets contain 1440% of our Daily Recommended Value of Vitamin C (don’t worry, it’s super easy on the tummy)… and these tablets are fortified with rutin, biotin, bioflavonoids and trace minerals. Without the addition of bioflavonoids, Vitamin C struggles to get into our cells and work their magic, and without proper electrolyte balance, Vitamin C will not stay in the cells for long enough.

Super C Chewables

Love chewing your C supplement? Super C Chewables contain a biologically utilizable source derived from acerola cherries…with citrus bioflavonoids and Orange essential oil! It’s delicious, tangy and starts working immediately. This is a great choice for kids. Each chewable contains 150 mg of Vitamin C (250% Daily Value) so you can take 2-4 of these on a normal day and 4-8 if you’re under stress. Everyone in my household loves these when we start to dip below the wellness line!

Do you want to learn more about how to improve your immune function with Super C? Watch this video here!